J&P Masonry Restoration&Tuckpointing
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New construction, brick&stone
Custom made benches with natural stone fire pit.
Concrete sculptures.
Stone patio.
Outdoor fireplace.
Wall grinding, first step prior to tuckpointing.
Partially tuckpointed brick wall, color matched to color of the brick.
Brick wall and granite counter top with empty box for grill.
Tuckpointed  natural stone.
Some of our projects:
Chimney repair.
Lintels replacement, stainless steel drip edge installation with cell vents for proper water drainage.
Indoor natural stone slates fireplace.
Natural stone project in progress.
Blue stone front entry steps.
Stone grinding and tuckpointing.
Stair wall restoration.
Concrete step repair.
Replacing ceder siding with brick wall.
Masonry wall restoration
Caulk joint between sidewalk and brick wall.
Blue stone steps.
Brick tuckpointing
Window steel lintel replacement ,installation of self-adhering flashing with stainless steel drip edge and cell vents.

Chimney restoration: tuckpointing plus new flow pipe, chimney concrete cap and metal cover.
New construction
Open concrete stairs
New stairs wall and concrete steps
Brick work
Natural stone slates